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    • Uggh. Made me mad. Made me want to delete my account (an idea I toy with every couple of weeks.) But what really got me depressed was the professor at UNC who spoke about all of the problems with data being exploited, etc. all during the documentary. But at the end she admitted that she still has her Facebook account - it's how she keeps in touch with family and friends overseas. We have come to rely on it. As she said, "What are you gonna do?" Anyone else see it? It was very interesting.

    • I worked on this for the past 3-4 months, gathering Archival and helping with deliverables (You can see my name in the credits). I still have my Facebook account because my wife doesn't want to be married to what she refers to as a ghost. I've been wanting to get rid of FB for a long time now. It was quite disturbing to work on something that holds a mirror up to what's been going on in society. I'm very proud that I helped, in a small way, to make this. Very glad to see how well it's been getting received. Thanks for watching!

    • Wow.....Peter....thanks for your work on this....I had it playing in the background for about 10 minutes....I know most of my friends think I am wacko and tell them to install FB Purity and other ad blockers just to slow Facebooks roll...but, I doubt in the deep caverns, it does nothing.

    • Wow, Peter. I'm in awe. As I watched I wondered what went behind the making of. I've been involved in making some documentaries and they can be SO MUCH WORK!

      It's one of the few films where I read a lot of the YouTube comments. Lots of praise for the films, not much sympathy for Facebook (really tough comments about them) many wishing it would have gotten 100x the views.