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    • For some reason from day one using Cake the title will do a spell check automatically, errors show red dots under incorrectly spelled words, which is great but in the main body of text this function doesn't happen.

      I admit that I will never win a spelling B, but I am sure there are a lot of members that could...but i see a lot of other members with spelling errors too, surely we don't have to proof read every time we post?

      So, am I not the only one this is happening to, is there a way to correct this? Is it on my computer or is it on the site?

    • Being a non-engineer here at Cake (designer) and from what I understand, this happens in a certain combination of browsers and platforms. On Safari and Chrome on MacOS both title and post have spellcheck working fine for me. However, in other combinations the post may not have spellcheck working, while title does.

      The reason is that we use two different text editors to power up each fields. The one powering the title doesn't support rich formatting (bold, italic etc.) and is much simpler. This makes it more compatible with a wider browser support. On the other hand, the post editor is much more complex (rich formatting, link expansions, mentions etc). This makes it less supported by some browsers and platforms.

    • Spell check is provided by your web browser. Unfortunately some browsers don’t properly support spell check in Cake’s rich text editor for reasons that are complicated and frankly frustrating. But we’re aware of the issue and are doing what we can to try to improve it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • rich formatting (bold, italic etc.)

      Really? How? I'm only seeing a place to type text and the button to insert a photo. And I'll also use this post to repeat my vote for markdown support.

      As for speling -- yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose -- Safari on a Mac doesn't notice the error.

    • marchyman, if you highlight a word, does Safari not pop up some rich text options? Doing it that way has the downside of not being very discoverable but it keeps the interface clean and it's really convenient once discovered.

    • Heh... yeah. I get the pop up. Interesting that didn't remember that function at all. I think that is because most of the time I use highlighting for delete/copy and therefor find the pop-up a minor annoyance. I guess it was enough of an annoyance I blanked its existence out of my mind. ;)

    • Okay, thanks. I'm always wondering how much goodness goes undiscovered. I'm also noticing that I have to tell almost everyone that links expand after you press Enter and wait a few seconds, and once they get it they like it like that, but discovering it the first time is a challenge.

    • I dont mak many tipos so I had noot noticet the lak of a spel chek. And now as I tipe baddly I c that there is no spel cheking at all here: Ubuntu 18.04 runnin Firefox Quantum 62.0.3 (64 bit)