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    • Babies are no longer being born with wisdom teeth, Shorter faces, extra bones in feet and legs, and an artery in the forearm are among a slew of anatomical differences recorded in modern humans.

      Scientists have seen an increase in people born with a small bone at the back of the knee, the fabella, and extra joints in feet to form abnormal connections between two or more bones. There are also more cases of spina bifida occulta – an opening of the sacral canal, the bone at the base of the spine.

    • This sounds really interesting, I'm going to circle back later and read this article, definitely not just going to add it to an ever growing list of bookmarks and forget about it.

      Good riddance to Wisdom Teeth I say.

      One of mine split in half when I was eating something at a street market in Marrakech very late one night. In the absence of any available dentists, self extraction of the two pieces using a lot of medicinal vodka (which was pretty hard to get hold of) followed, probably not the best idea, and definitely not the best night, ever!