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    • From up high you can see turkey vultures and ravens soaring over the cliffs:

      I didn't look too hard for condors because I heard they were rare. Imagine my shock when this one, #92, hatched in the Oregon zoo in 2013 and released at Pinnacles in 2015, decided to walk my way:

      I sat still while he slowly made his way towards me, stopping at times to check me out.

      They're a form of vulture right? So no attacking guys like me despite the intense stare at point-blank range? At that moment I wasn't so sure.

      What strange-looking creatures!

    • The only thing I could think of was he must have had tourists offer him crackers. But he seemed to want fashion accessories:

      He soon tired of my glasses and decided my Warriors sweatshirt was more interesting and he stole it.

      I later asked the ranger if the tourists feed the condors and she said no, the condors are only interested in carrion. I told her about my experience and she was surprised, especially when I showed her the photos. She said I must smell like dead carrion and hence him taking my sweatshirt and inspecting it for a few minutes. 😳

      She said they all have their own personalities and she would report this one to the condor team for them to haze him with a spray bottle or something to teach him to be less comfortable with humans.

    • Wow, wow, and wow. Amazing pics Baldy! Those condors pics looked like cheaters at the zoo. AMAZING. What a thrilling experience and a great lesson to kids that so much happens when you get out of the house! Thanks for sharing those amazing pics!

    • What an experience to have such a close encounter with such a rare creature. Wow! I remember when I photographed a pair of whooping cranes, not nearly this close, and how I felt when I realized the very limited number of them in the world. What an experience.

    • The photos of the condors are unreal and spectacular. It's this elusive and mysterious creature I have only seen flying from afar a few times in my life, and here you are doing a close-up photo session with a condor. Wow! Incredible photos. I almost don't believe it.

      But I did see a condor, probably THAT condor, flying above my head today as I was climbing in the Pinnacles. And it's a coincidence we were both there within a day of each other, and that we probably saw the same bird, but this can't be a coincidence:

      Same field of flowers and rocks. Photographers think alike to a fault.

      And yeah it was SO green...

      My friend Zeno topping out:

      My sister following me up Machete Direct:

      Near the top of Machete Ridge where the condors fly.