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    • I have owned both British shorthairs and Maine Coons. I had a British shorthair named Nigel who passed away not too long ago, and one of the grave markers in the film's cemetery has his name on it. In fact, all the cast and crew had made grave markers with names of their deceased pets. My parents still have a Maine Coon named Jax, and another Maine Coon cat before him called Barron, and Barron was a show cat, weighed 30 something pounds, and both of his parents were award-winning showcats. For us, it about going to the source, modeling our cat from the original book cover, which you’re right, it’s not necessarily a Maine Coon, you’re right, it’s a mix. I have a mixed Maine Coon cat right now that looks just like Church. We modeled our design off the hardcover book. And besides having a nice little nod to the fans with the original art, you can create effects with a long haired cat that aren't possible with a shorthaired cat, you could play up the matted fur feeling. And emphasizing the colors and contrast of the cat. We did use rescue cats to play Church, and it was hard to find four cats that looked similar. But they were all rescues, and they all found homes after filming.