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    • And on the topic of Stephen King: with PET SEMATARY under your belt, are there any other books or stories by him that you’d love to bring to life?

    • Yeah, if they were going to re-adapt something, I think Firestarter would be a good one to re-adapt. Salem's Lot has never had a feature film adaptation, I’m a big fan of that book. The Tommyknockers, for me, even though it gets a lot of flack as a batshit novel, I love the book, it’s so scary and effective. It might just be nostalgia, as I read it at such a young age. But those would all be interesting.

    • I agree with those. I think Insomnia would be a good movie, that’s never been a movie. And I think there’s a lot of great stuff in all his collections. It’s funny, so many of his great movies that exist now from his books are based off his novellas. And there are a lot of novellas of his that have not been done from those same collections that Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption came out of. Same with his short story collections.

    • Yes. My parents have outdoor cats, and I just don’t know how they do it. It’s a myth that cats are hemmed up inside, they are fine being inside, and they might even prefer it. I have 3 indoor cats, Kevin has 2, and whenever I go home to Long Island, New York and my parents can’t get the cats to come inside at night, it’s scary! So that’s one of the takeaways you can take from the film.

    •  I think one of the reasons we gravitate towards body horror, even in this film, Pet Sematary, with the Zelda visions or the transforming in this version, that’s something we tackle a lot in our films, and I think that’s a scary thing. Same with Pet Sematary being about death, something we are all gonna go through. For a lot of us, unless you’re in an accident or sudden illness, for most of us, the lead up to our death is going to be things like our body turning on us and aging as we get there. So it’s a scary thing to feel, even as me and Dennis are getting older, there are physical things like my eyesight is different, or my knees hurt sometimes, and it’s a scary thing to think of the body breaking down on you.