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    • To add to that, I think that like Dennis was saying, it’s such a timeless theme that setting it in a time period would create a different kind of attachment, one in which our viewers wouldn’t feel as connected, when the themes and where it takes place are relevant at any time. So we didn’t want to create a distance with the subject matter. And as far as technology, it’s about embracing technology.

      People ask “how will we deal with the cell phone issue in a horror movie?” And I say to use it to your advantage. That’s the challenge of filmmaking. Instead of setting a story in a different time, what can a horror movie be in a world where there are cell phones? In the original film, when Rachel’s trying to get in touch with Louis, he’s just not home. But now if his phone goes with him, he has to make a conscious decision to ignore the call, or answer the phone outside the cemetery and lie to his wife. So it actually creates MORE suspenseful or emotional scenes.