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    • Chris, your complimentary comment is appreciated! However, my career, although good to excellent, was never in Perot's league. This is evident by my "Harvard-grad-and-lawyer" son's comment when I pointed out my relationship with Ross -- by explaining that Ross's desk was just behind mine in the IBM Dallas branch office. My son snapped back "Dad, I bet that was the only time Ross was ever behind you"!!

    • Chris, I see that you are a co-founder of CAKE ... I want to let you know that at the age of 91, I became a blogger (3 years ago). After over a couple of hundred blogs I have become somewhat "feeble" mentally ... not actually, but emotionally ... with writer's bloc. Our country's current administration has given rise to many blogs but has also caused a sudden drought ... as indicated in my last few attempts. You might check them out at