This is a shot I've been working on for the last week or so, I took a shot there the other week, it was OK but I thought it would look great with a bit of fog through the trees. Saturday I woke up to a blanket of fog in the area so thought this was my chance, but as so often happens by the time I got there the fog had left the area it was still down low but this is basically the highest peak in the area, so first to clear so the Gardens open at 8:00 and I was at this spot about ten past eight and the fog had left. So, it had disappeared, but that’s not what the heading is about. This area of the Australian Botanic Gardens is covered in an evasive species "African Olive", it covered a fair chunk of the gardens and has been slowly being cleared over the last few years. The gardens are only allowed to clear so much each year, as it provides habitat for local wildlife so by clearing only a certain amount it gives the wildlife time to move on and the gardens time to establish other areas of habitat. The area a little lower down the slope was cleared last year so this will probably next to go come spring. I always thought this looked like something out of a horror film set. Without the fog I had to rely on editing a bit on this one, a lot more than my normal editing on this image but it’s coming together. I usually only spend about 10 minutes max on an image this one has had about an hour and a half of work done on it. What areas have you photographed that’s soon to disappear.

As always best viewed large.