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    • It keeps happening! Seattle is now getting record snowfall. A clear reminder of what our climate once was.

      This is reminding me of the stories my grandparents tell about snow falling at sea level in San Francisco. In the 70's, the Golden Gate saw snow.

      I was showing my grandma my photos of the snow-covered San Lucia Mountains, and she told me her grandma who also grew up in San Francisco frequently experienced snow in the 1800's. I looked it up. No kidding, snow in SF was about as rare as snow high in the local mountains today.

      Snow accumulation in the late 1800's:

      3.5” on Dec. 31, 1882
      1.5”-2.0” on Feb. 7, 1884
      3.7” on Feb. 5, 1887 (the city’s greatest snowfall, with 7” reported in the western part of the city)
      0.1” on Jan. 16, 1888
      1.0” on March 3, 1896

      3.7" of snow in 1887:

    • Wow, thanks for sharing Hannah! And thanks all for sharing these all of these amazing memories.

      Since this week's events are so rare, I decided I needed to make it back up into the mountains to get some more photos. This time I went to the east bay hills of the Silicon Valley. More coastal oaks and coastal snow!