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    • ...and at least that much time post processing.

      I was in South Lake Tahoe for some business last week and managed to sneak out early in the morning to climb "Round Mound." I had to hustle to get over there from Stateline and back before everything started up.

      I'm typically satisfied when I can walk away from flying the little thing with one good picture. Here is a short selection from the short amount of time I had to fly it

      Two angles of the same cove at Round Hill Pines Resort.

      A couple of panoramas looking South-West.

      I recently picked up a filter set and was running the polarized filter for these. I didn't have time to go back and get the same shots without it to see the effect.

      Truth be told, after I captured the panoramas, I began to pilot the drone around and "discovered" the pictures of the cove, and it was pure luck that I was in the right place at the right time to capture those photos.

      Feel free to critique what I've posted. I'm still learning and still discovering the unique perspective this thing provides.

    • Nice shots! What kind of drone did you use? And what made you choose that model? I've been debating on buying one, but my state has very strict rulings on using them, so I worry it'd be a toy that I couldn't play with that much.

    • Nice shots. I had a Spark....until it flew the coup. I realized as easy as it was to fly the spark, it was going to require hours of legit flying time in very controlled environments. Thus, with my impatience I let it fly on the Colorado River and it took off never to be seen again. For me, no more but I definitely appreciate drone photography.

    • I'm flying a Spark. I suppose I could say that it chose me. I had a friend selling it cheap and it was a pretty complete set up. It's a good little drone, but it has it's limitations- the camera isn't all that great and the flight time is about 10 or 12 minutes a battery.

      If you know you're going to be serious about drones, you can buy some pretty good Mavic set-ups on the second hand market for good prices, and if you KNOW you're going whole-hog, then buy a Mavic 2 Pro.

      I've gone pretty far down the drone rabbit-hole, including getting my FAA part 107 license (for drones.) I'm happy to share what I know for anyone who is interested.

    • Yes... I've spent a lot of time figuring out how this thing works. And I've tested a lot of it's technology... yet I still get a pucker moment now-and-then.

    • Beautiful shots. ❤️ That beautiful, greenish clear water and the long shadows. And TAHOE!!

      I would love to know more. I spent Saturday having drone wars in my house with Penny. Wow, the things 8-year-old girls get for birthday presents from other 8-year-old girls. $17.99. So I had to go down to the store and buy one so we could fly together and race each other up the staircase.

      Now of course I can't resist buying one for outdoors and photography. Mavic 2 Pro, you say?

    • Interestingly, those little drones you two are flying will teach you a lot about flying a quad-copter, and allow you to really appreciate the technology built into the higher end ones.

      I could probably create a hundred posts about the things I've learned about drones... but to sum it all up, yes, for photography I would buy a Mavic 2 Pro if (when) I upgrade. It's compact and easy to carry, easy to deploy and has a great sensor behind a nice lens. The Mavic 2 Zoom does not use the 1-inch sensor and ultimately I don't think the zoom is worth it when you compare pixel density of the sensors. The Phantom 4 Pro has the same 1-inch sensor as the Mavic 2 Pro, but it is also behind a mechanical shutter that it uses for stills. That gives it the advantage for things like mapping and such- but it is a much bigger profile to carry if you're interested in portability. The M2P is expensive and hard to find on the second hand market. The P4P is discontinued and can be found on the second hand market for considerably less, usually with lots of accessories.

    • I am sure you saw this on the newswire yesterday....

      I actually went to a drone tradeshow here in Vegas last was pretty amazing...especially the high-end commercial drones... I was actually super impressed with these guys but it seems they can never really follow through...

    • Obviously with drone photography you can capture shots not really possible any other way....

      I.e. I had finally made it to Slab City on a day bumping the thermometer over 110degrees....I had never been to the ¨church¨and sort of hard to get your head around the composition. A few simple up and downs really helped me then shoot the rest of the installation at ground level.

    • Thanks! Great info. I ended up buying a bigger drone than hers, but still $19.99. 💰 Blows my mind they can make, market and distribute them for that.

      It’s big enough I fly it outside in some wind.