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    • This past weekend I was invited by my friend Jay Bushman, Emmy award winning producer and writer of interactive, transmedia, and cross-platform entertainment, whose project was a part of the Tribeca 2019 Festival Hub to stop by and see it first hand for myself!

      As soon as you walked into the Tribeca Festival Hub, you saw the below stunning project from Conservation International, entitled "A Drop in the Ocean." It looked incredible! But our guest passes were tightly scheduled to see Jay's exhibition, so hopefully I can check it out in the future.

    • There were so many incredible exhibitions side-by-side. Hopefully next year I can plan ahead to get a badge, as you do need to reserve the experiential storytelling elements in advance.

      Some of the pieces on display included UNCEDED TERRITORIES by indigenous artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun...

      Crash-landing-in-alien jungle piece BONFIRE by Eric Darnell...

      The documentary-style cinematic VR tale of the war in Uganda, CHILDREN DO NOT PLAY WAR...

      CAVE, which looked super interesting: apparently it's a "coming-of-age story told through cutting edge Parallux technology, featuring a fully immersive holographic VR experience that can be shared by many audience members at once"...

      A fascinating-sounding documentary on social housing in the UK, entitled COMMON GROUND...

      And last in my lineup, but certainly not least (or not even all the experiences - there were so many I couldn't capture them all!) was the animated DOCTOR WHO: THE RUNAWAY.

      Which was presented, naturally, in a TARDIS.

      There was so much to see! But we had to keep our appointment for 12:10 PM sharp for the project Jay was the co-writer of and made by Kevin Cornish and an awesome team from Moth and Flame VR, 2nd Civil War, a voice-activated VR experience.

      The official synopsis: "Civil War has broken out. In this voice-activated VR experience, you
      will drop into an insurgent hot zone, interrogate the inner circle, and decide: which side are you on?"

      While the piece is only listed as being 15 minutes long, as you progressed through the different storylines and elements, you got engrossed in the intrigue. I won't share any spoilers in case it's coming to a VR or experiential storytelling event near you in the future, but definitely worth checking out, as are all the fascinating pieces listed above!

    • all these VR experiences sound INCREDIBLE and very timely. i hope there will be other opportunities in the near future for people to check them out!