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    • I know that Cake was invite only and that there was code which gave out invites to those who were already signed up to share with those who were not signed up.

      Is there some benefit to the fact that invites are still being provided?

      Am I missing something?

      @Vilen @Chris @yaypie

    • We had debated this internally before opening up Cake. That happened just a few weeks ago and at the time we weren't sure what would happen to our community when we open the doors for everyone.

      Would we be able to meet and respond to our early users with enough attention and have great conversations with them?

      Would trolls and bots start signing up in masses and wreak havoc?

      So we kept the invite system just in case we need to fall back. But so far we've been able to keep up with the community and have great conversations. If this trends continues we will likely remove the invite system altogether soon as it is causes confusion. There is no other utility for it.