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    • VDub57

      I live in an area where I have a 6 minute commute (if I hit either of the red lights), so Waze is an app I only use on the rare occasions we head into the big city. I've been really impressed with it, though, especially in DC and Chicago. For those of you who do spend a lot of time commuting, could you see yourselves actually using a service like this? I asked a friend in DC and she said that she's too scared of getting hacked up by strangers to try it.

    • Rusty

      This is such a natural concept that a socialized implementation of it, called "slugging", evolved on its own here in the D.C. metro area even before the age of smartphones. So yeah, I can see people actually giving this a shot.

    • VDub57

      That's a really cool concept, Rusty. Thanks for sharing.

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