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    • I've never been into DuckDuckGo because I haven't been very concerned about privacy. Also, Google produces great search results, imo. But lately I've been popping over to Bing for image searches and now DuckDuckGo. It's surprising how good DuckDuckGo seems to have become.

      It's all about not tracking our searches so I just assumed they would never be able to produce great results because they don't get to know me. While I don't mind the world finding out what my Internet searches are if Google suffers a serious breach, from what I'm learning about many people's search habits, it does feel like it could be something to worry about for a lot of people.

      Anyone use DuckDuckGo or is everyone stuck on Google?

    • I've been using duckduckgo for a year or five... my time sense sucks so I don't really know how long its been since I switched. It was probably about the time Google insisted on a G+ membership for just about everything. I still have a mostly unused backup gmail address and youtube probably knows more about my likes and dislikes than I'd prefer. Otherwise no google for me.

      No more google search; never had a facebook account; quit linked-in 10 years ago. I must be an old curmudgeon.

    • I tried it a handful of times in past years. I never liked the search results and so I didn't become a regular user. If you say it's improved, I'll have to try it again.

    • Young is not exactly me. Born in 1950. Before I retired in '96 I was a tech person (embedded software). Today I'm more of a dilettante than anything else. I visit only one of the sites that DuckDuckGo users have an affinity for according to that article: github.

      At some point my impression of Google went from "do no evil" to "how do we get more ad dollars, even if when it pushes the borders of evil". Their choice.

    • I’ll have to check it out. I wish google knew less about me and my search history, not because I’m worried my searches will become public but because Google tends to serve me what they *think* I’m looking for. Usually, though, I’d like to broaden my horizons and find correlations between what I already know and other perspectives and fields. So I much prefer a “from scratch” search where I’m an unknown.

    • You know, I think I agree with this article: other search engines are "like Google but slightly worse." DuckDuckGo really is different because of (a) the crowd-sourced instant answers, (b) the no collecting data on you, and (c) the ! search. Try typing in !adv before your search, or !a and see what happens.

      But because it doesn't know you and have a multi-billion dollar research budget for AI, it can't always produce the uncanny reading of your mind about what you are looking for. In those cases, back to Google.

    • I remember getting frustrated after using Alta Vista for hours on end over dial up, then when Google was in infancy. A friend still runs this website.. but I think he too was bought in the interim.. just kidding! lol

    • I discovered DuckDuckGo recently when I started seeing an increase in hits on my website coming from DuckDuckGo search results. So far I've liked the results for searches I've done on it and haven't felt it to inferior to Google so far.

    • I have been a Duckduckgo user for at least five years - I didn't write down the date I started so that is a guestimation, not an accurate date - it may have been more than five years, it has certainly been quite a while.

      I just didn't, and still don't, want to share with Google that much of my life and thoughts, and duckduckgo offered me a way not to share with Google. I found that idea atractive, and still do.

      And I found that usually I could find what I wanted searching on duckduckgo. If not, I could always drift over to Bing or Google, but I found that was usually not necessary. I don't see that my not using Google has harmed their business model or stock performance however.🙄

      I don't think you could search for images on duckduckgo originally, but I see now, that they offer a very nice image search tool.

      I was unaware of the !site command format for duckduckgo, and that will be useful as well.

      On a similar issue, how many folks are using Apple maps versus Google maps on their mobile devices? I wish I could say I was one, but I find it is hard to really beat Google Maps. Any one have better suggestions for electronic, mobile maps?

    • I'm with you, I can't seem to beat Google maps. At SmugMug, we hired a couple of engineers from the Yahoo Maps team and they were in shock over what Google did with maps. They said they put 300 engineers on the team, they launched satellites, they got a fleet of cars with cameras to take photos along roads, they mounted cameras on backpacks for hikers and scuba divers, they bought Waze for $1.15 billion...

      I wonder if Apple really understood what they were in for when they decided to take on Google Maps.

      Some awesome tips for Google maps:

    • I use DDG most of the time on phone and pad. Those devices account for a lot of my casual and work screen time. DDG works well enough.

      More often than not, I use Google when using a computer. That I'm on the computer usually means that I am putting more effort into the work, so perhaps I think Google is superior in what it returns.

      But, I feel lots better using DDG while out and about. I put a fair amount of effort to minimize my exposure with mobile devices - don't use public or unknown networks, Bluetooth off, etc. Using DDG out in the wild seems to be part of keeping a low profile. I have to admit that every once in a while I wish I had a dumb phone, or no phone.

    • I still don't know why people trust DuckDuckGo when the founder has a history of seeling user data. He made $10M from user data before he started ddg. His code is opaque as Google's code is so I have no idea what he is doing with my information. I'm a fan fo YaCy and Jive Search singce both are open source;

    • Fascinating, SteveY. Welcome to Cake. I didn't know any of this and had to ask, um, Google to elaborate.

      I think what Steve is talking about is that Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo, sold his previous company NamesDatabase to for $10 million. NamesDatabase was a service where people hoped to reconnect to old contacts by inputting their own contact data and searching for other people who had done same.

      Jive Search does seem to be open source and not track you:

      Honestly, I was having trouble getting good search results with it and hence I switched to Google to chase all this down.

      I was having trouble getting YaCy to work. Am I doing it wrong?

    • "Honestly, I was having trouble getting good search results with it" "it" do you mean DDG, Jive Search, Google, or YaCy? Of course, DDG won't tell you that ;). YaCy is a bit hard to do since you have to download it, etc.

    • I was having trouble with search results for "Gabriel Weinberg Names Database" with Jive. It turned up some Russian language results and didn't find a couple articles that I thought were very informative that Google did turn up.

      It was okay, they both turned up the Wikipedia entry first, but I didn't seem to get as good of results at Google.

      YaCy has a demo search portal so you don't have to install the software to try it, but it isn't working.

    • Well, no one is going to get as good search results as google since they track everything you do. I find Jive Search's results as good or better then DDG. Since Jive is open source I'd expect them to make more improvements quicker than ddg. Jive is using Yandex for right nowbut I think longer term they wiell crawl the web and get better (at least that is what I can see from their product roadmap listed on Github) seems to be pretty new.

    • Nice, Steve. I did a bunch more searches on Jive and got good results. Gonna switch to them and see how it goes. Interesting to read their roadmap on Github. They talk about upvoting and downvoting pages but I didn’t see how to do that?