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    • Hello Cake ! Just found this new for me platform a few minutes ago and loved the concept of no-following people. ( i hope this will work ). I tried already 2 or 3 new places - the hysterical boom with the Google plus dismission soon touched me too, so i looking for the better place to be in touch with my friends.

      Right now i'm working on my first photography post about my recent a few days trip to Geneva. During this trip i used the only two point and shoot cameras - two brothers (or sisters) with the 25 years age difference Ricoh cameras - analogue 35 film Ricoh GR1s and digital Ricoh GRii. No DSLR as my usual everywhere on the go cameras. Just a little devils - fantastic street shooters. We will see what i got. Stay tuned for my upcoming updates.

      About the 3rd TIP suggested here :

      "Don't self-promote. Cake is a place for conversations, not broadcasts or self-promotion. Try TwitterFacebook, or Medium if that's your goal."

      Do you think that first post is self-promotion ?

    • Welcome to Cake, @victorbz! Great photo. Was that swan after some food, or was it out for blood? I've heard they can be mean. 😄

      Do you think that first post is self-promotion ? 

      Nah, you're fine. Introducing yourself and sharing what you're interested in is totally legit. But thanks for thinking about it!

    • I think when I click on a post the first thing I think about is why are they doing this, what is the story behind the post.

      Since this (cake) is different in the not following people but topics the post or story is the true goal, is it driving conversation or telling a story/journey.Here is a great example:

      The photo tour/walk about is a great use case for cake.

      The ability to tell a story and have others join in to comment/question etc. Simple drop and walk attention seeking I don't see much use for, Instagram and other platforms do that much better.


    • Hi Victor and welcome!

      I'm happy to see a Ricoh shooter here, since I'm interested in the recently announced GRiii. I've read nothing but great reviews about the GRii. It doesn't have a lot of features, but some say it has a certain "look" that is reminiscent of film. I'm actually not interested in a long list of features when it comes to cameras. I like cameras that just do a few things really well and force me to work with the constraints. What do you like about the GRii?

      Do you think that first post is self-promotion ? 

      To add to what @yaypie said, if your work is your way of breaking the ice to a great conversation with others, then I can't wait to read and see more!

    • "cameras that just do a few things really well and force me to work with the constraints"
      - good said - exactly what i love in my Canon 5dmkii and now when i turned off all the unnecessary features of Ricoh GRii - i definitely love it too. Of course its not right to compare the fast focusing of the DSLR and P&S during low light conditions but the Snap mode during daily light shootings is fantastic and fast as cheetah !

    • so here the workframe of the first post about my trip to Geneva !

      i edit these selected images in Lightroom - my only photo editing software.

      now the most "difficult" for me as a photographer part - a "few" words writing process.

    • arranged in Geneva !

      some more from my mobile phone - the only available camera is capable to post images directly during the trip.

      This one i photographed in Annecy, France, during half day visit. A weather was absolutely stunning for me to go with camera and to feel the autumn mood - rainy, cold and dull.

    • Hey Angela ! great to hear about ! now we all refugees :-)) or almost, G+ is still working, but looks like ppl love to feel thrown into the wind of fate :-)

    • I'm still a wee bit confused about the non-self promotion.
      I want to stay within the guidelines and share the things I'm interested in. For example, if I'm writing about therapeutic processes and someone is interested in learning more, perhaps asking how I could help with a particular problem, or suggest where they could go, is this violating the rules? If I see a great photographer in my area that I would love to hire to do family photos, would this be ok? :)

    • Both of those things would be fine. 🙂

      The “don’t self-promote” guideline is meant to discourage people who want to use Cake solely to drum up business, or drive traffic to their website, or other such spammy things.

    • It depends on the context. If that’s the only purpose of the post, then it may be spammy. If the post is a genuine attempt to start or facilitate conversation, it’s probably fine. Also depends on the history of the individual.

      The kind of spamminess we want to prevent is people who just want to get their stuff in front of eyeballs on Cake to drive clicks elsewhere. Most users aren’t interested in seeing that kind of stuff in their feed.

      As long as you’re making a good faith effort to have good conversations, you don’t need to worry. 🙂