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    • I think many people liked The Force Awakens because of that. It was new, and it was a continuation of the original trilogy, so people were excited to see how the universe had changed. After watching it, then watching The Last Jedi which was so completely different (as @itipmyhattoyou said having different approaches from different directors), people felt like the two movies were disjointed. Not as coherent as they could've been.

    • I was very much a die hard Star Wars fan, having seen all of the movies, and read many of the books. TLJ was super disappointing to me for a few reasons:

      - Rose. Just Rose. Everything about that character that annoyed me was summed up when she averted the self sacrificial saving play.

      - Oh, the Force can be used for Facetime now. Great. Next it will feature AR powered talking poo. Who knew the force was being turned into a metaphor for iOS?

      - Two powerful force users are fighting a dozen guards on an elevated platform. Should they force push any of the guards off the platform? Apparently not. In fact, they totally forgot they were force users for the entirety of that scene. Not ten minutes later, Kilo Ren casually force slams his general inside the walker. K.

      When they burned the sacred texts and had Luke go back on everything he'd ever said, I felt like the writers were establishing a metaphor of throwing away the canon in favor of new stories to come. And that's cool. Disney wouldn't have paid that much for the franchise if they didn't plan on making another dozen films, and they don't want to have their hands tied by what came before. I get it. But unlike the vast universe of stories within Star Trek, Star Wars was essentially a space based soap opera following the Skywalker family through multiple generations. The franchise's treatment of that legacy was shabby, to say the least.