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    • I just had an amazing yoga experience yesterday with a guided meditation portion which I truly enjoyed.

      As someone who bounces off the walls all the time, meditation has always been hard for me.

      How do you guys get into it?

    • I...can't...sit. My meditation is to put on the running shoes and go somewhere beautiful for an hour. I have massive respect for people who can meditate but I just can't get it.

    • I read up a bit on meditation once -- which is a nice way of saying 'I set out to read a whole book on meditation* and did not finish' -- and concluded that I am crap at 'mental meditation'. I think that was what they called it: the sort where you have a mental exercise and you just think about it. I have a lot of 'monkey mind' and have trouble stilling it. Even in savasana after yoga, with all the advantages that brings, it's a struggle to bring my mind back to my breath and not to lie there alternately distracted and beating myself up for distraction!

      I'm not at all the runner Chris is (wow!), but I also find physical meditation techniques work better for me. Yoga especially, but sometimes dancing. When I'm in Triangle Pose, my brain is naturally full keeping this balanced and that straight, and processing the effort and joy of the pose; and afterward I realize I briefly reached a still place without narration or past or future. I disappear into my body for a while, and come out refreshed.

      *How to Meditate by Lawrence Leshan. It was good! But see above re: distractability.