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    • This post on FB got me thinking about how many great stories guys like Chris and John Carmack have. Some positive, others good learning experiences.

      Sure would love to see a curated group including @Cake Chris doing a panel about changing the world with Steve.

    • This would be great! I've heard a few of Chris's stories about Steve over the years, and he definitely sounds like he was interesting to work for. 😉

      I loved reading John Carmack's post about his interactions with Steve. Incidentally, Chris's son Don (SmugMug's CEO) is friends with John and used to (maybe still does?) have the original NeXT machines that id Software used to develop DOOM. I'm sure there are some fun stories there too!

    • I was nowhere close to being around that stratosphere, but, I did grow up in Cupertino in the late 60's...does that count? hahahah But, as I was getting my rookie geekdom cookin and slinging consumer opinions about "browsers"...(Netscrape, AOL and IE woes) I remember reading the book The New New Thing referring to Jim Clark. BALDY.....Did you know Jim Clark? Jim Clark would certainly merit a seat on this panel IMHO.

    • Jim and one of the other VPs bought BMWs one year. Rode on and offf until Jim crashed and broke his arm. That was the end of that.

    • I did make the rounds and have lunch with Bill Atkinson, Andy Hertzfeld and Joanna Hoffman a few weeks ago. Joanna was played by Kate Winslet in the Steve Jobs movie and everyone I'm familiar with who knows Joanna said you could close your eyes and believe Kate really was Joanna. Steve stayed in close touch with all three until he died.

      I will do my best to get them on a panel once panels launch. It was so Steve to surround himself with extraordinary people like that. All three are private people, but the stories they have to tell are SO AMAZING the world needs to hear them.

      This photo reveals what I think was the defining characteristic of the team: love. Andy has always said they poured love into the machine as they built it and in turn it radiated love back to them from the monitor.