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    • Holy hell, Chris, who don't you know?!? Chris Burkard is one of my favorite photographers.

      I'd be interested to hear a) which specific things he did to propel himself from relative anonymity to enormous Instagram fame, since that process seems to be somewhat of a black box, and b) what his favorite piece of gear is. Modern professional photographers (and videographers) all seem to have a huge amount of gear, but the ones who I've talked to usually have a favorite piece of equipment that they use far more than nearly all their other gear.

    • As a young man I dreamed of earning my living being a photographer. There were no grandios ideas that I would become wealthy. It was strictly something I loved doing and after all who could ask for anything more than supporting yourself doing what you love.

      My question would be how much did doing what you love play into your decision to do what you do?

    • How does he balance family life with his endless pursuit of adventure photography? How does his family cope with him being constantly on the go, separated from them? I bet his answers to these questions can teach us about balance in our own lives.

    • I like this question. I struggle to find time to improve my skills and nurture my creativity with a full time job and family with small children. It must be a struggle.