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    • Absolutely. With Husk, it’s very much coming soon. The first stage will be launching direct to consumer commerce in the next few weeks. We looked at the gluten-free allergen community, and we saw there wasn’t a lot of variety, or products with very high quality ingredients. A lot of the products out there have a lot of fillers, or not nutritional ingredients. It took us a while to find the master baker to bring it to life. My wife studied a lot in the space, she has a background in biomedical science and nutrition, so she’s very health oriented, and has a huge focus on well-being. And that’s translated through to Bluestone Lane, but as it relates to HUSK, she’s a huge driver and a cofounder of that company.

      We found our creative genius in Melbourne, after scouring the world and looking for people. There’s a lot of people who bake gluten-free at home, but that's difficult to scale. We were very fortunate to meet Tesha Borin, and it was just so serendipitous we found each other. It was 2017, and my wife was pregnant, and we were at a cafe in Melbourne that had won a design award for best cafe design that year, and as we were paying the bill, she was still hungry, so she tried these gluten-free raw vegan chocolate bars. And she couldn’t believe how good they were. So we found out about Tesha - it was so serendipitous that we found her the next day, we had to meet the next morning, and we were just blown away. I knew on the first meeting she was the one. It’s an exciting opportunity for us. Husk is small and on the side, but should be a real company this year, and we’ll be targeting direct to consumer and premium grocery in the first stages.