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    • I’d say there’s a couple of key themes. One is the Australian community within NYC has acted as a catalyst, introducing Australian coffee culture, this focus on premium food and sincere dedication to service, and then combined with that you have such a core number of young professionals who are looking for a more balanced way of living, these daily escapes. And we have such a critical concentration of our customers in New York City.

      These people driving these movements forward are these younger demographics, they want more curated experiences, more personalized experiences, to walk in and feel more local. And thirdly, New York’s density is pretty incredible, and it’s the biggest brand the world’s ever known. It’s bigger than Apple, or Nike - NYC is the center of art, commerce, fashion. It’s the epicenter of so many cultural institutions.

      If you can harness the power and provide something that a lot of people are interested in accessing daily, then it can catapult and magnify what you’re creating. And with Bluestone Lane, we had the Australian support, a customer that was underserved, and leveraging the incredible density and power of the New York City brand.