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    • I have a customer who wants to make a series of training videos for her web site. The problem is she’s located on the second floor of a city fringe office building and it presents some logistical challenges. Parking is in the basement and access is up a moving footway, then a lift.

      I’ve already got a significant load to get up there with two cameras, tripods, monitor, green screen, gimbal, stands, slider, dolly etc - I have road cases and a trolley that make it quite manageable - except for my light boxes.

      I’ve had some soft boxes for ages but they are cumbersome and quite fragile - and a real pain to re-assemble if I have to pack them down. This is them with and without the hoods.

      So I sought a better solution.

      Hello Lume Cubes.

      These things are awesome. They are tiny enough to fit in a pocket of my camera bag but will punch out 1,500 lumen at full power. USB rechargeable they run for 20 minutes at full whack or 2 hours at 50%. If I need longer, I plug them in to a portable power bank clamped to the light stand or run them off the mains via a USB plug.

      They even work as optical slave flashes for still photography, but I haven’t tried that yet. They also work as remote flash units for mobile phone photography.

      I did get a good result with the training videos using them for fill and silhouette light in the office environment.

      You can fully control them via Bluetooth from their app. I bought 2x kits that included the Lume Cube, filter mount, diffuser, warming filter and picked up the barn doors on ebay. The accessories simply mount with strong magnets.

      I’ll get two more for future creative shoots down the track. So far they have proved to be an elegant solution.

    • Dave, if it’s not too much to ask. Could you show the same shot lit with and without the Lume Cube? I only ask out of curiosity as I have no concept of what 1,500 lumens is in terms of additional light to a shot.

      If it’s a big ask, forget about it. I just like to learn stuff.

    • I don't have permission to publish yet sorry - client is still reviewing.

      There are plenty of examples on the lume web site though. Quite a few video on YT too.

    • I occasionally use torches to light a shot particularly when I teach a workshop, showing the people in the workshop that you don't need all the latest high tech speedlites, Also helps when I don’t have the right brand speedlites for all the partisapants, to show the effects of lighting. As an minimum I use a 1000 Lumen torch if shooting outside even so you need to get close to have an effect, Anything less is usually not enough to have much effect, so the 1500 Lumens on a Lume cube. At 1000 Lumens you don’t want to shine it in your face, your eyes will certainly know about it. I don’t think I have a lite and unlit shoot with a torch.

    • There is one light behind Fiona to give outline definition and there is one to right of screen to balance up the daylight coming through the big windows to the left. Neither were at full power.

      Shot on the Nikon Z6 with 50/F1.8 and D800 with Sigma 35/1.4, Edited in FCP and Apple Motion. Rode Wireless GO mics.