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    • Around the Holidays our customers are replacing typical scratch off tickets with LottoLove and many gift them in stockings. Some customers have told me about their giving back tradition during Thanksgiving and this year put LottoLove at each place setting. We do a lot of corporate gifting as well. I love working with big corporations on client appreciation and holiday gifts. Companies have even used LottoLove for summits and other events. The opportunities are endless!

      We do have a line of cards for weddings and people have been replacing their traditional wedding favors with LottoLove! A few months ago we created LottoLove cards for a bride and groom's big day. Each guest received a LottoLove card at their place setting. They sent me the professional photos afterwards with a very special note and it was all so beautiful. One of my favorite photos was a Dad and son playing LottoLove and he is pointing and explaining the game. It is very rewarding when our customers take the time to write us a note about how their family and friends loved the gift and the experience. photographer Kari Herer Photography 

    • That is a great question! The line of scratch off cards and greeting cards we have right now are only the beginning! We have a lot of ideas in the hopper and are excited to expand on our product and cause offerings. Stay tuned for those!

    • YES! Well I hope so. We live in a world of plenty and so many people don't need more things and some people are hard to buy for. With LottoLove we are doing good and providing a gifting experience so you can send something to someone without the material aspect. The design of the scratch off card and curating the experience were very important to us. LottoLove has become a piece that people hold on to and show off in their home. Looking at the winning scratch off brings them joy. They played a part in doing something good for someone else.

    • Great question! For every card purchased LottoLove donates to one of our 4 charitable partners to fulfill their social mission of helping people receive: clean water, solar light, nutritious meals or literacy tools. The recipient doesn’t have to do anything and their charitable prize is hidden until they play the game!

      Here's how LottoLove works:

      1. Customer buys a LottoLove scratch off card
      2. LottoLove donates to the respective charitable partner
      3. Customer gifts the scratch off card to someone
      4. The recipient plays the scratch off game to discover what was donated in their honor
      5. It's a win-win!

      P.S. Every LottoLove card is a winner!

    • Oh, there is so much! Be confident. Be authentic. Believe in what you’re doing 100%. Don’t be shy about connecting with people and reaching out, it’s okay to be the squeaky wheel.

      "Comparison is the thief of joy." -Theodore Roosevelt