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    • Thank you! I'm excited to be chatting with you and Cake!

      A lot of people are surprised when they first discover LottoLove! It is really exciting to watch people's faces light up when they learn about us. Most recently, I was at Renegade in Brooklyn and a few customers stood out in particular. They were very supportive and offering a lot of words of affirmation and encouragement:

      'I love this' 'What a good idea' 'how did you come up with this' 'I can't believe I didn't discover this sooner' 'LottoLove is brilliant' 'Is this your idea?'

      So many people have traditions around scratch off tickets and it is empowering to watch them swap out lottery tickets with LottoLove. A 12 year old boy chatted with me about how much he appreciated what LottoLove is doing- that was a pretty special reaction from such a young customer.