This, ahem, more than #5words comes to you by request of rattfan on Dreamwidth . He also asked me what the correct way of spelling Nyoongar is - I'm afraid I had to disappoint there, as all ways are correct. Why is this? Well, this is an oral language - people have recorded in different ways, there are different dialects, and even the Elders aren't always in agreement. There's no one true way. I've heard more than one Nyoongar person chuckling quietly to themselves about the difficulty it presents to wadjelas who like everything 'just so'.

One of the most amusing things I came across early on -

manatj - police or white cockatoo

boordiya or birdiya - leader, boss person, holder of knowledge.

wardakadak - person of importance

yoondordoo - Osprey, who sat on the great tree in the Mandurah Estuary and looked all around, making sure everyone was keeping the law. Now Yoondordoo can be seen making use of the Sebel Hotel nearby for this purpose, the tree no longer being with us, although its stump can be seen on Stingray Point.

kaaditjin - knowledge,lore

yoordjang - steal

kaat wara - crazy, bad in the head

Aliwa! - Look out!

karna-boort - false truth - lies. The -boort suffix means 'without, no, not' so it can be inferred from this that karna must then be the facts.

Thanks rattfan - I really went down the rabbit hole with this one.