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    • Tacx is working on a Neo Smart concept spin bike. Pretty cool idea. Check out the link to Shane Miller's comments on it:

    • As an owner of 2 Tax Neos (one being purchased 2 years ago and another a few months ago) it goes to say just how much I like them. When I first heard of Tacx coming out with Neo Smart bike, I immediatedly said that I wanted it now! But, as this is still a concept without a release date and pricepoint it is hard to say if it will be worth it for me.

      What I like about it is that you can easily share 1 bike between 2 people with quick adjustments (relatively speaking). You can also save on space and get your road bike back (mine is semi-permanently attached to a trainer). The noise factor isn't a big issue anymore because Neo itself is super quiet and most of the noise comes from fans I use to keep myself cool.

      I'm going to keep my eye on the latest developments with Neo Smart bike, but in the meantime another competitor came onto the scene and I'm liking it too. It is a Wattbike Atom and it is almost as cool. Seems like a good alternative to Neo, don't you think so?

    • It's hard to know what exactly the new Atom will be able to do because their website isn't very clear about it. The more players getting involved in this though the better.

    • Sounds like I should wait and see other reviews as well. I got used to how quiet Tacx Neo is so going back to a louder trainer just doesn’t sound right (pun intended).

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