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    • Well, not their border customs. I was detained in the Calgary International Airport in February because border agents didn’t believe I was there to go camping in the dead of Canadian winter. Having Canadian grandparents got me out of that one.

      My best friend and I did a camping road trip through Alberta and BC to experience the Canadian Rockies. It was absolutely epic, and one of the best adventures of my life. The scenery was epic, but more surprising were the people. It's a stark contrast from Silicon Valley to Canadian mountain towns. Law enforcement and locals were extremely friendly and quite helpful. We made many friends on our journey. In fact, they helped guide our adventure. I'm dead set on going back.

      I want no crowds, huge mountains, and abundant wildlife like last time, but I want to see new areas. Where should I go in the country for the next adventure?

      (there's me at the bottom of a slot canyon on a frozen river)

    • Nice. I'm vocal supporter of our friends in the north.

      I've been skiing in Banff and Whistler. Whistler Blackcomb is one of the best mountains and ski towns I've experienced. I went for St. Patricks day weekend and it was wild.

      Culturally Montreal is like visiting Europe and Toronto is a modern city on par with NYC in many ways. I went to Toronto a few times last year and I really enjoyed it. Friendly people, favorable (but fluctuating) exchange rates and as a single guy at the time the night life was vibrant all week.

      I haven't been to Quebec but they have a Jazz festival in the summer my parents attend every year now.

    • I'm glad you liked Calgary as that's where I live :) I've been winter camping a number of times and it's true that not too many people do that sort of thing. Anyone who does must be a bit crazy ;)

    • Chris MacAskill

      I can't tell you how many incredible trips we've made to British Columbia. One of the most unexpected was to the fjords on the west coast. They are stunning. We rented sea kayaks and ran the salt-water rapids. 😱 The tides are so big there, it's like a perpetual motion machine. You paddle downstream into the fjords in the morning, covering amazing ground, paddling through scattered islands with the water rushing by, then downstream back to your car for miles on the return trip when the tides go the other way.

      The scenery is out of this world. Does anyone on earth know about these fjords?

      I was in a 2-man kayak with my 8-year-old daughter in the front. When we crashed through the Skookumchuck Waves, they crashed completely over her head. She was a trooper, but it was pretty terrifying.

    • Must watch if you like Canada for the outdoors: Life Off Grid.

      Life Off Grid is a two-year journey exploring the lives of Canadians in every province and territory who have made the choice to disconnect. Life Off Grid is a film and book about people who have chosen to build their lives around renewable energy, with beautiful, inspiring, and often challenging results.

      IMHO the edit is pretty poor and film making is very static, but the interviews that go into how and why people live off-grid are quite fascinating. So... if you don't like Canada and the outdoors you might find it terribly boring.

      (available on Amazon Prime Video)

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