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    • On a hot summer day in the first week of July we set out to hike one of the most beautiful trails in Eastern Sierras. It started the 11.5 mile round trip from South Lake at around 9,545 feet and climbed its way up to 11,972 feet at the Bishop Pass. We thought we were prepared, but the nature surprised us and the views just blew us away.

    • As we drove to the trail was about 30 mins west of Bishop, California we saw these amazing 14K peaks at a base of which was our trailhead.

    • Already at over 9 thousand feet of elevation it was hard to breath so we took every opportunity to stop and enjoyed the views and catch our breath.

    • The first 2 miles crossed beaufiul meadows with wildflowers that we've never seen before. Even though it was early July at that elevation it was still Spring.

    • Even though we kept climbing the trail didn't feel that challenging. Maybe the views stole our attention and eased the pain?

    • There were so many wildflowers in the large meadow around mile 4. We took plenty of pictures, but this one was my favorite:

    • The hardest part of the hike were the rocky switchbacks after mile 5. Twisty and steep, they went straight to the top of the pass.

    • There was still snow in July and we weren't really prepared for it. The temperature suddenly dropped to low 50 degrees from the 90s when we started the hike. We heard thunder and the rain started to come down.

    • We made our way as fast as possible to the top of the peak to take this photo and rushed back down. The official shot at almost 12K feet was definitely worth being cold for a bit.

    • The most beautiful view from the top of the pass of the lakes we passed just hours before. The clouds and the rain added drama to this pano.

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