Would you trust Mr. Piddles to a telehealth vet?

Nurse health lines have been around for several years now. Think you have the flu or worse? Call up the health line and a registered nurse asks you a series of questions and either provides you with treatment instructions or refers you to a physician’s office. With Facetime or Skype apps, the nurse could conceivably conduct a physical exam as well. But what if your dog Rex is feeling under the weather?

Telehealth veterinary platform Airvet closed a $14 million dollar round to provide a similar level of telecare to your dog, cat, or farm animals:

“What we want to do is help pet owners understand when to come in. The average pet parent only goes to the vet 1.5 times a year. A huge segment of users on Airvet have already connected with a vet six times more than that and save time and stress in doing so.”

Do you think you will talk to your vet virtually, in light of the pandemic situation? Or are you a pet parent who needs to speak face-to-face with your vet?

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