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    • On the Cake Website, when we scroll down through posts, can we have the bar at the top scroll down as well?

      Similar to Google Plus, when a user clicks on the bar, it can jump to the top of the feed. I understand that there is an arrow at the bottom right that serves the same function, but this would save a few clicks in case someone want's to switch to the other tabs.

    • Thank you for suggesting this, Ravi!

      We've actually considered this interaction (sticky header) multiple times in the past, but we haven't found a good design solution yet.

      I think the problem we need to solve is: "Make it easy to switch between feeds". This can also be accomplished by swiping between feeds. However this solution doesn't work in browsers as it is technically reserved for browsing back and forward between pages. It is something we could implement and thinking of doing in the iOS app as we have more control over it.

      Another problem to consider is that on small screen phones and laptops we wanted to give as much room as possible to display conversations and posts. This promotes clean reading and posting experience, so we hid everything that wasn't essential.

      I'll keep thinking about this problem though. Would love to brainstorm with you more ideas on how to solve this!

    • Hi Vilen! Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration! It's gratifying to know that my suggestion was acknowledged - I guess I can attribute it to the fact that Cake is still in the nascent stages if I may say so, not sure if it will be this easy another year down the line when we are even bigger! :)

      More exciting to hear that you folks are already investigating this feature and looking into the most feasible way to implement it.

      To clarify, I intended this feature only for the desktop version and not for mobile browsers since I agree that screen real estate is already a premium on smaller screens. (I have edited the title to reflect the same). I will be more than happy to help you figure out a solution to this if I can.

      While I have your attention here, I would like to point out one more bug which I face with pretty long posts on my mobile browser (Chrome on Android). Once my cursor drops below my keyboard, the screen does not scroll up. I have to keep scrolling to the bottom manually (akin to a typewriter only vertically instead of horizontally) to see what ihave typed or if I made any typos. I am not sure if any other Android users are facing a similar bug. 🐛 Let me know if I got my point across or only succeeded in confusing you.

    • Ravi, as far as I understand from my teammates, who are more technically savvy, we also experience that bug in Chrome on Android and haven't found a good solution for it yet. Maybe they'll chime in during the week with exact details and I'll remind them about it in our next meeting.

      Thank you for finding and reporting this bug and your suggestion on improving feed switching on desktop! 👍

    • Thank you so much, Ravi. You probably know this, but in case some people don’t, we’ve taken a lot of care to make the back button return you to where you were — for example, to where you were in the feed.

      I’ve noticed that many people do not think of using the back button when they get to the end of a conversation because they’ve been conditioned by other sites (such as Google images) that it can produce results they didn’t expect. It’s a shame because on Cake it really does take you back to where you were with one tap.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for chipping in! Yes, I did notice that the back button takes you back to the last position you were in the feed. That is one behavior I was not expecting within the browser and I was very pleasantly surprised! You guys have a lot of stuff implemented really well and it definitely makes the web browsing experience on desktop and especially on mobile, a lot more convenient. Appreciate all the hard work from the team. 👏