This past weekend I was in a conversation with an extremely knowledgeable movie buff—think @itipmyhattoyou movie smart—and I beat him at a favorite movie game I made up.

Take a movie and try to come up with a second movie that could logically be it’s sequel.

He gave me this cult classic movie starring Hellboy Ron Perlman.

It is a steam punk infused visually interesting little movie. The stealing of dreams led me to think of a really weird movie that came out a couple years later from director Alex Proyas.

We did some research and the City of Lost Children WAS one of Alex Proyas influences for Dark City. (If you like reading scripts, I highly recommend reading the original draft here: it’s interesting to see the evolution to the finished film.)

The game tends to work best with science fiction movies, but you can do films from other genres—such as these obvious but never explicitly connected films from Francis Ford Coppola and Tony Scott.