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    • I finally decided to return my Pixel 3, along with the case and stand. Pre-ordered right after the announcement, but never opened them. There are a few things I like from Pixel 3 - wireless charging is making a comeback, improved camera mode are some of the biggest reasons.

      But then the package arrived, and I looked at my receipt. I'm out $1000 for the phone, stand and case. That's quite a LOT of money. Then I looked at my OG Pixel phone and played around with it a bit. Still works. Why do I need a new phone again?

      A few days later an article surfaced that someoen pulled the camera apk from Pixel 3 and modified it to work on older version of Pixel phones. I put it on my OG Pixel, and it works pretty well. You can check out the sample result from my previous post:

      Ok what else? Wireless charging. Yes, that's nice. I've always loved the wireless charging on the older Nexus phones, until they took it away. So I was happy to see it's making a comeback. But is it really worth it?

      It's not an easy decision, but I decided to return the phone. With the older Nexus phones, it's a bit easier to upgrade every year, considering they're priced around $400-600. For Pixel 3, the cheapest one starts at $800. I guess I'll see how much longer my OG Pixel lasts, then I'll see there's a good deal for Pixel 3 (Black Friday deals, anyone?)

      For those of you upgrading from older Pixel phones, what do you think? Do you feel it's worth the upgrade?

    • I never upgrade phones on a yearly cycle. I always wait for a two-generation upgrade. The price-to-improvement ratio just isn't worth yearly upgrades. Perhaps in the US where they have upgrade plans it may be worth it, but when you buy phones outright it doesn't make much sense (unless you have money to burn).

      I used to be a Nexus Warrior. Owned the legendary Nexus 5, the OG Nexus 7, and finished off with the Nexus 6P. After the Nexus brand was replaced by the Pixel brand though, I looked elsewhere. I understand Google wanting to target the premium sector, but like you said, the price just isn't worth it in my opinion. I'm using a OnePlus 5T now and I'm very happy with it. Flagship specs, incredible software, very affordable price. Gonna be skipping the 6T, but I'll be very interested in the 7T next year.

    • That's pretty much similar to my experience. I started with Galaxy Nexus and upgrade next year until 6P. Got the first Pixel out of curiosity but skipped Pixel 2 and 3. It just makes no sense anymore, considering most of the updates are from software.

      I'm kinda hoping the Nexus line will come back someday, but not holding by breath really. Google seems fixed on developing this 'luxury' phones, trying to flex muscles with Apple.

    • Since my Note 5 with wireless charging, I will NEVER own a mobile phone that does NOT have wireless charging. NEVER. I have wireless chargers all over my house. I now drive a LG V30 and I am quite happy with it. I guess LG has had some very bad iterations over the years but, this model has been great for me.

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