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    • Great link. I learned a lot more about addiction from reading that. Luckily I have no addiction problem but I have family members who have dealt with it.

      Thanks for the link.

    • Once upon a time we had an employee whose work performance went downhill after back surgery. I mentioned it to an attorney at a big firm and he told me that terminations of C-suite execs has become a huge part of most law firm's practice.

      He said the way it normally works is the exec gets a prescription for opioids and then develop a dependence on them. When the prescription runs out they turn to alcohol or worse. Whatever they turn to hurts their work performance so much that they can no longer hide it, the company talks to them about it, and they spiral down from there.

      Few of them lose their lives, but a lot lose their careers that way.

    • Thank goodness there is a very supportive community of addicts in recovery. If an addict chooses to face the problem and seeks help, help may be hard to find, but it’s there.

      When I first started riding motorcycles, I was not at all prepared for the number of my new acquaintances who would die or be critically injured while enjoying their adventurous sport. However, that number pales in comparison to the number of fatalities my son in recovery learns about every year. He has been clean for eight years now. The number of people he has mourned is astounding.

      That is a perspective I’ve hardly ever heard anyone talk about.

    • The thing is a lot of the people who pass away are not addicts. A few years ago two bright young political stars went to bed and their lights went out. Bill Clinton was so shaken by it he called Sanjay Gupta to have him do an investigation and produce a documentary.

      I couldn't find the documentary online anymore but the thing I remember most is how many young, vibrant people have their lights go out at night as they sleep because they took opioids as prescribed and then had a couple drinks. They didn't get drunk or abuse the opioids and no one knew their metabolisms would slow down enough under the combo that they would pass away.