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    • Not sure about favourite, but I do fondly remember my early video game years. First console I ever played on was the Sega Genesis, which was at my grandparents' house. The first console my brother and I had in our own home was the SNES, followed by the first gen PlayStation. I'm more of a PC gamer now, but with so many awesome PlayStation games, I'm thinking of picking up a PS4 Pro soon.

    • I remember that game! I was pretty obsessed with it for a while. I don’t think I had the multiplayer version though. I don’t really remember a ton about it either, like whether I beat it or not, or what the story even was about.

      I do remember the rocket launcher being pretty gnarly and blowing enemies to bloody bits.

    • My earliest years when I could get my hands on video games coincided with times when we could finally build clones of ZX 81 and ZX Spectrum, with substitute components available back in eastern European block at those times. Because obviously the original's availability were out of discussion in societies where even owning a typewriter needed to be registered with the state officials. I spent countless sleepless nights soldering components, debugging my rigs, and learned a great deal in doing so. I loved it, and played all the crude games I could get my hands on, that were available on audio cassettes.

      Where it all started and also how the games looked, it's pretty nicely described in this clip.