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    • Well, we were obviously very different sorts of seven year olds, you and I. :)

      Here's the only writing my parents saved from when I was that age:

      "I love my mom because she makes me hot oatmeal on cold mornings."

      Ha! My teacher even wrote on it in red pen that I had great descriptive words because I used "hot" and "cold."

      I will say, however, that what I wrote is still true more than two decades later. So there's that.

      I do have a daughter who speaks the way you wrote, above. She is enchanted with language and the world around her and reads so many fairy tales with rich words that they just come out of her when I least expect it. We did a science lesson recently about distinguishing between living and non-living things and she seemed to understand until the end, when she said..."Ok, I get what you're saying about rocks and dirt, but rivers *are* alive." She went on to paint a lovely image of how rivers sing and dream and are capable of emotion. It was enchanting and I didn't correct her. I just let her be eight.