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    • 'Murder Hornets' don't sound like fun at all.

      When I was living in Kenya, I got stung in the belly by a thing that looked a bit like someone had taken two yellowjackets (which at home we just call wasps) and made them a bit bigger, then cut the head off of one and the sting off of the other and joined them in the middle with a little stick. It had two distinct body parts, two sets of wings, loads of legs, I've never managed to identify it but then I haven't looked very hard recently.

      It was pretty awful and a bit scary though, a whole section of my belly was swollen, red, hot and hard for literally a couple of weeks. I was never allergic to stings before but I am mildly allergic since then.

      I've never seen wasps swarming like that, but we got caught in a bee swarm in Zambia. Clearly it was a not unknown thing to happen because you could hear them coming before you could see them and everyone seemed to know what it was. The street just cleared completely, everyone running into a building or a car. We sat in the car and watched them just fly over us, I can't imagine how many there were but it was pretty amazing,