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    • I saw another thread with opinions on the drone to buy, but @skinny_tom does this development change your mind?

      I didn't fully understand it but I found a longer explanation and demo, and now I'm considering buying. What do you think?

    • I have not investigated this option very much. My limited experience is that the images and videos collected from the micro SD card in the drone are ALWAYS better than those transmitted to the controller. Mind you, I'm using a Spark that is a few years old.

      Flying in a rural/suburban/urban environment with lots of radio frequency interference has its issues. Often times the videos recorded to my phone (the screen for my drone controller) are choppy. Many of my photos and videos involve flying the drone almost a half-mile away, where even the signal to control the drone sometimes degrades. The less interference, the farther I can send it.

      I know the newer digital tech is likely much better. But how much better? For the purposes of capturing a photograph, the goggles would likely help frame a shot, but how much better will they be? In the following picture, would I have noticed the birds and framed the shot differently? Very likely.

      Now, the FAA rules. There may be changes coming, but as of now, a drone operator has to keep visual contact with the drone at all times while it is in the air. If one is wearing goggles, the only legal alternative is to have a visual observer (a second person) with their eyes on the drone at all times. Remember, whether you're "flying for fun" or licensed by the FAA, they control the airspace, and you're sharing it with everything that flies.