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    • Math! I love it. I am in the minority among homeschool moms, though. I think most find it a difficult subject to teach because either they don't feel confident in their own math skills, or they struggle wanting to make it "fun" for their kids and it turns into a battleground.

      I haven't had any kids who don't love math so far, and I wonder if it's because they pick up on my attitude or because I try to pick up on their learning style. I have one kid who thrives on challenge and one who thrives on an incremental, confidence-building approach and shuts down if we take too big of a leap. So with her I make sure we're doing plenty of review. With the other I still do essential review but I take care to avoid unnecessary repetition so they don't get burnt out. (My third is more typical and would go with any kind of math flow.) Another key is that I teach to mastery, so my kids get the satisfaction of knowing something really well and applying it to interesting problems before we move on.

      I focus a lot on number sense when they're young, favoring concrete tools like an abacus and a ten frame to visualize addition and subtraction and base 10 blocks to show place value. I love making other mathy things available as well: pattern blocks, tangrams, logic puzzles, brain teasers, etc. because we all really enjoy those things.

      In terms of curriculum, we use Primary Mathematics for levels 1 and 2 and then transition to Beast Academy for levels 2-5. I teach them myself with occasional backup from my husband or Sal Khan (Khan Academy) if my explanations aren't clicking. I wouldn't hesitate to use a tutor or an online course for teaching math though, if I felt like I wasn't able to muster up passion for the subject. We use DVDs to learn Latin around here for just that reason!

    • I've been asked about homeschooling high school since my oldest was 5, and I've always answered that I have no idea.

      Just recently I've started to think that I would like my kids to go to high school, so we'll see in a few years if I still feel the same. I would honestly be sending them mostly for opportunity to navigate some of those social things I talked about earlier while still living at home, so they don't encounter them for the first time in college.

      Still though, it seems so far off! I know it'll happen in a blink but for now I'm just taking it one crazy year at a time with this crew.