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    • The long-rumored 16" MacBook Pro is here and shipping very soon.

      The changes in this release appear to be an attempt to rectify the complaints of loyal MacBook users. It's thicker, to accommodate a better keyboard that might actually work. Plus, finally we get 64GB RAM support and solid graphics.

      But, this new 16" sits in the same dated 2016 MacBook Pro chassis, but now a bit clunkier. It seems this release is a long-overdue bandaid, but sadly not innovation. My feelings are mixed. What do you think? Who's getting one? Probably not me.

    • Already have a two years old 15", so, no. But, it would definitely be the one to get if I was looking for a new MBP. Ample processing power, huge battery, six speakers. A dedicated esc key! ;-)

    • I have a 4-year-old MacBook Pro and I've come to think of it as the tech purchase I regret most. I've never been able to type well on it, I used all the Adobe apps and with 16 MB memory max it would struggle, and I ended up spending a lot on the purchase and repairs. Before owning it I was quite the Apple fan boy and had been for decades.

      So the new one addresses my biggest complaints but I just feel that it has taken them 4 years to fix the one I bought and now I need $5,000 more to make it right, but it still isn't exciting like the Asus ZenBook with its dual displays.

      I think I'm gonna go to an Apple store and try the new keyboard, then try an Asus before buying. I just feel like Apple has lost its heart for laptops and it will be another 4 years until we see a significant improvement again from Apple. In the meantime, they'll deny there's a problem like they did with the butterfly keyboards.

    • I totally understand the loyalty. BUT, my Alienware M15 seems to have no problems with AfterFX, Photoshop or any other memory intensive work. For $4000 less. OUCH.

    • 6 1/2 grand for a laptop seems over the top to me too, and I'm writing this post on an iMac Pro so I'm not loathe to spend moulah on good hardware, but really.

      But as @vegasphotog points out, the 8 Tb SSD is not an inexpensive piece by itself - but you can find 4 Tb SSDs for about $500.00 or so, so a pair of them - maybe $2 grand or so for 8 Tb internal SSDs, but probably a lot more for a fast single internal 8Tb SSD

      I can find 8 Tb internal SSDs on B&H anywhere from 2k to 6 or 7 K from either Intel or AngelBird

      I wonder why the need for a large hard drive in a laptop with Thunderbolt 3?

      A 1 Tb SSD boot drive will hold the OS and a whale of alot of applications ( that's what I have in my iMac Pro ) - I always want my data on a seperate drive from my boot drive (with a laptop anyway), and a Thunderbolt 3 external drive won't be that slow will it?

    • The big thing is the speed of the drive, an NVME is EXPENSIVE. My laptop came with 512 which was a bit cramped so I thought about a 2TB but that was about 450. So I picked up a 1TB for about 170 and also have a 2TB SATA SSD in it.

      Edit: I priced one out and it's about 3-4k for a setup I could live with, but you can get a similarly spec'd XPS-15 for about 1k less and that's with an OLED display so the Apple tax is still alive and well.

    • I have a current MacAir and an iPad pro and an X iPhone - but my most used device at home if I am not at my desktop iMac, is an iPad Mini without cellular connection, I've had for several years - big enough, small enough, fast enough with WIFi - and running the latest OS 13.2. 😊

      Like a nice paper back book size for my Kindle app