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    • Old Lodge was a 10,000 square-foot building built circa 1890, built in
      Tomkins Cove, New York. Over the years it was used as a hotel, a
      private school, a girl scout camp, and private residence. There are
      unconfirmed reports that the building was used as a nursing home for a
      short period of time. Years of neglect and decay have left it as a
      ‘shell’ of a building, and as such it has been formally condemned and
      entry to the building was strongly discouraged and extremely dangerous.

      At the time of my visit to photograph the property in 2011, it was
      for sale for $399,000 USD with the condition of sale being that the
      building was to be demolished and removed. In other words, this place
      simply wasn’t going to be around for much longer, and it was NOT a good
      idea to take pictures here. In fact, it is so dangerous that I would be
      surprised if the real estate allowed perspective buyers inside the old

      While little is known about this location, the one thing that I know
      for sure is that this was perhaps the most dangerous and unstable
      locations I have photographed.  It was a very bad idea to enter this
      location, and I must insist that nobody else attempt to enter this
      building or any other such building for any purpose.  The entire
      structure shown here is completely unstable and the floors have hidden
      soft spots everywhere from years of water damage.

      I would absolutely love to hear what other people think of my photography, especially this one, as it was the most dangerous location I have ever photographed so far.

    • Just my opinion:

      The vignette if post production does nothing for the image, off balance and distracting from the composition.

      The composition is odd to me, perhaps restricted by the environment yet the tip of the roof is barely in frame and the footings of the columns are not. It feels a little off balance as well, more surroundings in the frame may have helped. Further back to capture the isolation or closer even for a more detailed and interesting composition. But I do not know the look you were going for.

      It seems you were trying to capture the whole building and give it a creepy feel, yet there is a lot to process and look at in the image, eye is pulled to many places.

      The black and white is handled nicely, the stark contrast in the window frames into the dark inner house.

      It is difficult to translate vision into photo for me, I am no where near where I would like to be. My intent was constructive criticism, it is a good image so please don't take this the wrong way.

      Here is one I tried for a writer friend of mine, house was destroyed by a giant redwood tree.

      The blow outs and the darkness bug me, not sure if the typewriter anchors the frame, was overall happy with it but it's all a learning experience. The natural lighting was difficult to deal with.