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      THis link just dropped in my inbox, interested if anyone has tried a pinhole lens and how good/ bad are the images?

      When I did my photograhy degree back in the late 80's this was part of our study, and then to develop the image, which I must say were't great.

      interested to see if anyone has images they can share that are using a decent sized sensor, the Thingfy is a Sony E-mount fitment

    • Hey Paul, no other way to reach you, would you mind shooting me an email at p i n n a c l e 0 7 1 @ gmail (omits the spaces!) I have a question for you about an interview. Thanks.

    • I honestly don't understand the attraction to pinhole lenses, but 3,000 backers pledged $329,287 on Kickstarter, and their goal was something like $14,000. They got a ton of press .

      Having said that, they did a nice job of building and pricing them. They are variable aperture, nice build quality, and only $50. I guess it's just an impulse buy to check out the artistic, retro shots you can get.

      Here's a pretty cool collection of pinhole shots that look like they're from last century.

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