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    • Jim,

      I think that what you are describing is part of the incremental process of our society changing from an objective based perception of reality to a subjective based perception of reality.

      I am not referencing those aspects of our culture whose roots are over 150 years old but rather those aspects of our culture which have come into existence since the end of World War II. The adult generation of World War II was an objective "Sergeant Friday" based generation. But for the most part, those generations which have arisen since have been more experiential than rigorously logical. Most of the candidates for the Democratic party's nomination focus more on how people experience life than they do on long term logical strategies which tend to ignore the short-term tragedies.

      Classical debate is a objective, logic based activity which historically has not rewarded subjective argumentation. This may be the reason that in recent decades that form of debating has become less common than it was during the first 200 years of the United States.