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    • It's rare to find a negative or even remotely negative response or reply on Cake. Is it that everyone here is above a roudy tussle, too civilized for such things or have we simply been avoiding touchy or divisive subjects? I think I've asked a similar question a while back but again I'm curious. Not much news or here and barely a mention of partisanship or politics. This reminds me of a news video I watched a couple of days ago on Youtube. It was by RT I think and it was about how a survey of Americans found that very few people in the USA actually had the divisive views that the mainstream media was portraying. It was refreshing to think that people actually agreed on more things that we are led to believe and that it's generally the extreme views that get presented. Maybe Cake is a reflection of people's centrist nature. Your thoughts?

    • I'm not sure yet, but if cake *does* have a centrist outlook all of the refugees from G+ will soon upset that apple cart. 🤣

    • LOL - no, it doesn't work like that @lgorrie . Actually, you will find that virtually everyone coming from G+ has fairly refined troll-detection and simply blocks.

    • I'm surprised there haven't been more political threads as well.

      One thing that's concerned me for awhile is the phenomenon we're seeing with Gab and Cake. Gab is about the same age as us but it has hella traffic and is being talked about all over the media today. They provide unrestricted free speech (except for threats) so they've become a haven for far-right groups and it gets them attention from everywhere.

      Do you think that a factor in G+ not taking off is they didn't have the outrageous content that places like Twitter have?

    • You might be right that for the most part, people don't really care about politics much or hold extremist views much, unless they live under totalitarian regimes (in Cuba, EVERYONE had an opinion on politics and government). While traveling, interactions with locals usually involve sharing everyday things like pineapple harvest, motorcycle prices, children and their education, weather, work, dreams, taking care of aging parents, making dinner - not politics, propaganda, presidents or international relations.

    • G+ has (had) plenty of far-right, far-left, fanatic-whatever members who posted all manner of crap. You just had to go looking, or make the mistake of commenting on the post of one of the "good old boys" (the most obvious fanatics were nearly always men).

    • Around midnight last night someone who has a pretty big Twitter following posted for the first time. As far as I could tell, his Tweets and the responses were just about anger towards women as was his first post here. I suppose it could have generated a lot of traffic as it was doing on Twitter. But I deleted it.

    • Some places (Cuba again comes to mind, although there, different things are said in public vs private environment - declaring their love and loyalty for Castro publicly but speaking openly once they know nobody's listening), maybe. Sometimes, it's just mere exhaustion and being fed up - I am currently in Peru and, as the corruption and money laundering scandal surrounding former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori (whose father Alberto Fujimori, an ex president of Peru, was convicted and sentenced to jail for corruption, embezzling and human rights abuses; the late Peruvian president Ollanta Humala was also arrested on corruption and embezzling charges) unfolds, people aren't surprised at all, nor are they paying much attention any longer. Most say it's pointless to discuss it or do anything because "all politicians are corrupt". There was a lot of the same sentiment in Mexico. I remember a local silversmith in Taxco pointing at a few luxurious villas saying, "one is a house of a narco and one, of a politician. Can you tell which one is which? Exactly - you can't. They're all the same".

      So instead, people just talk about everyday stuff and get on with their lives.

    • Yeah even when it comes to Trump and the stuff in the USA. You just get worn out and start ignoring it. Ignoring is fine so long as a person at least votes against things they don't like. Yes I understand sometimes it's choosing the lesser of two evils :(

    • I, for one, am not looking for outrageous content. I have a theory that the easier it is to find the content you seek on a social media site, the less likely you will be to find a militantly unrestricted free speech element. Certain speech thrives best in darkness, and easy search is like a bright lantern illuminating the crevasses of the cave. If you want to recruit new nazis, you don't want to have Washington Post cub reporters in your midst. I've had a terrible time finding interesting content at Steemit and at and both seem to also have some of the flair for - how to say it? Oversensitivity about free speech?

      I think free speech is great, and maybe I take it too much for granted; but it is not an issue I have found myself worried about in my life (58 years). Of course we can talk about whatever we want! I want to talk about raising ducks and whether Artificial Intelligence will really dominate the stock market in another decade. Why would anybody care whether I talk about these things or not? Free speech on the "right" has become a synonym for fomenting anger against various socio-economic groups because that kind of speech can become harmful past a certain point. They are smart to choose their audience carefully.

    • In short it's those with the most radical views that often 'yell' the loudest. AI controlling the stock market... There's already talk about changing the timeframe on trades and somehow trying to limit AI trades. Not sure how that is even possible at this stage of the game.

    • not to hijack the thread, but yeah I think AI in the stock market is a horse that has already escaped the barn. There is some anecdotal evidence here and there that various micro-spikes and -crashes have been AI driven - somewhat in the realm of speculation still. But autotrading is everywhere and AI-triggering of such trades is surely a growing phenomenon. In the context of this thread, I am not sure it serves as a "controversial" subject so far. The day may come . . .