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    • Chris MacAskill

      In another thread, teachers were seeking examples of how to teach fact checking. Today this photo lit up the Internet. It's on the front page of Reddit.

      The story is a stray (absolutely adorable) dog got befriended by Petey the Pelican. Then an owner adopted the dog and brings him back every day to visit his friend Petey.

      I loved it, everyone loves it. 😍 The dog looks identical to our dog Bodi. But I thought of that thread with the teachers looking for examples to fact check... Being a fun killer, I googled. It's a repost from last year of the photo on Imgur which was a repost from 2016 of the the photo on Tumblr, with various somewhat different versions of a story attached. This version is very viral. 🌪

      Does it matter to you or should guys like me stop wrecking the fun?

    • Btw, there are other adorable dog + pelican photos on Imgur. This is my makeup for possibly dampening our fun with stray purebred lab & Petey:

    • It's another reminder (of which I am perpetually in need) that you just shouldn't take at face value stories told on social media.

      I was expecting you to say that the image was fake. The story being fake? Nowadays, that's how I'm training myself to read everything on Reddit, wich is a shame.

    • It's funny about Reddit, there are plenty of skeptics and critical thinkers there and in fact that's how I learned this was a re-post a few times over. But those repost comments were far down in the comments because they didn't get many upvotes. That's why I thought maybe I shouldn't be a fun killer. 🤔

    • Does it matter to you or should guys like me stop wrecking the fun?

      Yes it does matter. When I see cute animal moments like this, it damn well better be real.