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    • I was just recently searching for a replacement hard drive when I noticed how far technology has come from the times when a ~ 30 Megabyte hard disk looked like this:

      They consumed almost as much electricity as a today's modern dish washer, were as frail as a basket of eggs, required periodic maintenance due to data fragmentation - to optimize, etc, etc. Does anyone even know how much they used to cost where you lived then? But more importantly their life span was notoriously short and at best unpredictable.

      Today, a SSD (Solid State Drive) which can be had for a mere price of a more upscale dinner meal, is the size of a stack of cards, hosts 1 terabyte of data, uses as little power as a purse flash light and will apparently outlast most of us with an estimated 200 years MTBF! What do you think about that?

    • It used to bother me that chairs and tables would out-exist me. I got over it.

      We last for less than a flicker of time and, unless we somehow manage to harm or help a lot of people, we matter not one whit. Our existence is fundamentally meaningless.

      So hands off my hard drive, cowboy!