Over the weekend, rumors about North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un surfaced about his health and the possibility that he might in fact be dead. Officials in South Korea have since confirmed that the pudgy leader is “alive and well.” The rumors sparked a mixture of excitement and uneasiness. Excitement around the possibility of Kim Jong-un no longer leading North Korea and uneasiness about what North Korea would look like if his sister Kim Yo Jong took over. 

But anyways, in case you’ve been wondering what’s been going on, Kim Jong-un is alive and not in grave danger. At least as far as we know. I do believe if South Korea says he’s ok, he probably is. 

Kim Jong-un reportedly had a heart operation that prevented him from attending the birthday of his grandfather Kim Il-sung, who is the founder of North Korea. It’s the most important holiday in the country and so naturally, his absence caused some to panic a bit. That’s the genesis of all this hysteria.

Going back to Kim Yo Jong, it is assumed that if her brother were to croak, she would take the reins of the fledgling North Korean government. However, due to North Korea being extremely male dominated, some are skeptical even with claims that bloodline is more important than gender. Pretty interesting.