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    • Let me play devil's advocate against myself here for a minute... So what they've been doing in the middle east for the last...oh...say 50 years has failed so why not do the least desirable and most avoided idea and give it a try because...well nothing else has worked so far so what do we have to lose? Sounds like what people were thinking when they voted Trump in. Yeah the situation was bad so let's take a chance and see what happens. What's the going cost for a bomb shelter?

    • Once upon a time, I filmed a public television documentary for Stanford about earthquakes in the holy land. We filmed all over Israel and a small slice of the forbidden zone between Jordan and Israel where no one but the military is permitted. The seismologists and archaeologists we traveled with were Israeli and we couldn't take them to some contested areas. As divided as our country is, it's hard to fathom the depths of anger there.

      A decision like this is beyond my ability to comprehend. I suspect the answer lies in the adage that the best predictor of how a politician will behave is not what their constituency wants, but what their donors want.

    • Are you referring to Saudi Vision 2030? He recognizes the need to get away from oil but his human rights record isn't good. What's your best article to explain what you are talking about Coffee?

    • The Gulf Cooperation Council can fight and win wars in total secrecy. They just need cover. Which is what is happening and "recognizing Jerusalem as Isreal's capital" is exactly that.


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