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    • Well, the process of shooting that has been many years in the making of my directing, my documentary commercial directing career. And it’s been quite fun, and challenging, and interesting to deal with that, in the same way you’d prepare for the interview we’re doing right now, my job as a commercial director is quite similar. Because it’s commercial, it’s not as much investigative journalism, but in a way, it is - it’s investigative journalism without the hard “edge” of looking. We’re trying to understand what these people are going through, the purposes of their work, without trying to unearth some kind of nefarious intention. I’ve always enjoyed doing that kind of work, it’s enjoyable to sit across from people who are interesting, and have a conversation about what motivates them, why they do the things that they do. And one of the things I enjoy most about directing, aside from the creative aspects and the challenges that come with that, is the fact that these subjects will open up their world to you. And that’s something you have to be very respectful of. Because it’s not that common, nor does it happen that often, that people will say “come into my life, I’ll answer any questions you have, I’ll show my personal world and my professional world.” They let me peer in with almost unadulterated access. It scratches an itch that’s very interesting. It’s fun, and interesting, and needs to be respected. Because then instead of opening, the flower closes.