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    • That’s a good question. You know, I personally really like taking projects from concept to execution. It’s probably the most difficult thing to get done in the commercial world, because there’s more often than not a lot of people who are scrutinizing your work, and when it’s for big brands there’s a lot of people who have eyeballs and opinions on it. So it’s difficult to get that process to happen. That being said, when you work at it long enough, you happen to stumble across some of those. The Meow Mix EDM was one of those! The Cheetos Pet was definitely one of those. I came up with the idea for it, that was something we shot for an extremely low budget. When you have a lower budget project, people don’t care as much, and then it winds up being good, and then they care. The Cheetos Pet thing, I was working with a great company at that particular time, and they had this client, they didn’t really care about what it is we were doing, and myself and the producer made this piece, and then they saw it and it went quite viral. It was quite a while ago, but we went out, bought Chia Pets, and then glued Cheetos to them. It worked out! A lot of ideas I think just come from experimentation, and trial, and spitballing stupid things, and then all of a sudden something hits, and the hardest part is getting the brands to hit as well. I love doing that stuff, and I hope it happens more often, but the stars have to align.